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Which is Better, YG SM Or JYP?

The answer to the question, “Which is better, YG SM or JYP?” is a resounding “YES!” The two groups have different strengths and weaknesses. While JYP is known for its impressive dancers, it has lacked in rapping. However, JYP’s talented rappers have outshone their counterparts in other categories. Here are some of their strongest points.

SM is stronger in dance, with a strong roster of idols such as GG SHY/HYY, Seoyoung, Jonghyun, and Jessica. They also have a strong vocal arsenal with the likes of Seulgi, Onew, and Ten. Nevertheless, YG possesses more strong vocals overall. Unlike YG, SM has the largest number of female idols.

SM’s ‘Big 3’ is not only YG’s and SM’s superstars. HYBE, a subsidiary of YG, is known for nurturing young artists through its mentoring program. Source Music Group and Pledis Entertainment are the latest ventures of HYBE. This company’s training system is relaxed, allowing its members to focus on their craft.

Stray Kids have faced controversy after the departure of ex-member Woojin. He has been accused of sexual harassment and bullying, as well as bullying his former members. His statement that he left because of his own choice caused fans to express their discontent. However, this was not the case, and fans felt that he left because he was unhappy with his choices. In the end, the answer to the question “which is better YG SM?” depends on your taste in K-pop.

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