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How to Get Sponsorship For an Event

If you’re planning an event, the first step in getting sponsorship for your event is to identify your target sponsors. Think beyond securing a quick buck. You should be looking to build long-term partnerships. Define what the ideal partner companies would be and their core brand values. Be as specific as possible about your criteria when seeking sponsorships. Sponsorships should add value to your event, not just fund it.

In-kind sponsors offer goods or services in exchange for event exposure and visibility. This type of sponsorship is especially beneficial for first-time event organizers or businesses without a large budget. Once you have defined your event’s target audience, it’s time to identify brands that align with your event’s values. The following five steps will help you find a sponsor with the right mix of benefits. To get sponsorship for an event, identify these companies and contact them.

Make sure to follow up after the event. Send them photographs, a report of your website traffic, and statistics on your social media reach. Be sure to follow up with sponsors quarterly. This will build a rapport with them and make it easier for you to secure more sponsorships in the future. Then, you can send your sponsors a follow-up survey. And once you have established an ongoing relationship with your sponsors, they’ll be more likely to donate to your event.

Sponsors are business people, and they want to maximize ROI from their sponsorships. They’re interested in bringing their brand or product to the right audience, so be sure to consider your target audience when seeking sponsorships. Consider the competition that your sponsors face, as well. Consider the demographics of the event and your competition before you approach a sponsor. You’ll be surprised by how much more successful your event will be when the right company recognizes the value of your event.

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