What Happens If a Bouncer Takes Your Fake ID?

You’ve got your fake ID, but what happens when a bouncer notices it? How do you get your fake ID back? And what happens if you’re turned away from the bar or club? There are a few things you should do. First of all, never get angry with the bouncer. If you get upset, call the police! The bouncer will likely be more angry than usual, so don’t be too salty.

Once a bouncer notices the fake ID, the bouncer will give you an option of leaving the establishment or calling the police. Most establishments prefer to handle this issue at the lowest level, which means they will give you a warning instead of issuing a citation. This way, you have the chance to explain that your fake ID isn’t yours. If you refuse to apologize, you can also call the police to report your crime.

When you’re out on a date, you should always have a backup plan. If you’re not in the mood to get arrested, simply go home and try another night. Most of the time, the bouncer won’t bother calling the police. If he or she suspects that your fake ID is real, the bar will give you a warning or a discount on your next visit. But if you’re really determined, you’ll get your night out!

The penalties for using a fake ID differ from state to state. In many states, you can lose your driver’s license, pay fines, or even be jailed. You will have to provide your real name, date of birth, and zip code to the police or relevant employee of the establishment. If a bouncer does confiscate your fake ID, you’ll probably be asked to leave, but you can also get your license suspended.

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